May Fifth two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Aerial Photography, Bugs That Eat Plastic & Brad Pitt

What the Agents of CMYK are watching, reading, listening to, talking about this week (or at least pretending to have done so).

Adam: Nature Throws Humanity a Softball, Provides Bugs That Digest Plastic 
I can’t help but think this will prove to be a double-edged sword.

Alexes: Brad Pitt Talks Divorce, Quitting Drinking, and Becoming a Better Man
Photojournalism at its finest.

ChrisSustainable Restaurant Group’s Complete Carbon Footprint
Sustainable Restaurant Group tracks the carbon impact of their operations and ingredients for each of their 7 restaurants. Once you understand your carbon footprint down to the tuna there’s only one question left to ask. “What do we do with all this data?”

Proud to introduce, Sustainable Restaurant Group’s NEW Carbon Calculator! An interactive map (that we made 🙋  !!) where you can follow the journey of each ingredient from sea-to-table.

Devon: Kern Type, The Kerning Game 
Every round’s a practice round with this one.

Pavaris: Skier Captures Awesome Aerial Footage of His Stunts by Just Throwing His Gopro
Who needs an expensive drone when you can play catch with a GoPro?