March Thirthy-First two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Tinder, Crayons & Dancing Grannies

What the Agents of CMYK are watching, reading, listening to, talking about this week (or at least pretending to have done so).

Adam: Crayola Ditches Dandelion Crayon to Make Room For New Color
It’s never fun getting kicked off the island.

AlexesHere’s Why the Bib Number 261 at The Boston Marathon is so Significant
This is bonkers.

Brandon: Behold: China’s Dancing Granny is Going to Teach You Some Serious Swag Moves
I learn from the best.

Chris: Meet the Fearless Dogs Solving NYC’s Rat Problem
You know, they also use goats to eat weeds in Prospect Park.

Devon: Tinder Now Online
If CMYK made a YouTube advertisement, this would be it.