January Fifth two thousand eighteen

Fast Five: Devon Seven



Everyday heroes solve the design problems that Apple creates. 😂 👏


Mars and the North Pole Are Warmer than Winnipeg: A Guide to How Damned Cold It Is

Surface temperatures on Mars can be as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit (at noon on the equator) and as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit (at night on the poles), so take from this what you will.



This app charges you money (up to $600) when you don’t meet your weight loss goals. If only they accepted crypto, we’d be a really fit bunch #todayinlatecapitalism


Mike Pence Swears In Doug Jones as Gay Son Looks On

“As governor of Indiana, Pence signed a ‘license to discriminate’ law (later amended), which would have allowed businesses to refuse service to LGBT people, and pushed for his state to amend its constitution to ban marriage equality.”


Doug Jones' Openly Gay Zookeeper More Than Your Thirst Trap

Please stop objectifying zookeepers. #notyourthirsttrap


Smalls: Real Food for Cats

Your cat is REAL, and its food should be too.