May Sixteenth two thousand sixteen

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Digital Style Guide

The Seven Series is our weekly list of seven CMYK tips covering digital, design, small business, and general life survival skills.

When we create a digital platform for you, we make a living, changing thing and empower you to update and expand it. It’s your website after all! We also give you a digital style guide as a toolkit to help you better understand and manage your site. A digital style guide is essential to the success of your site, but many people don’t have one and are soon juggling a disjointed site or too overwhelmed to update the content. So, what’s in a digital style guide? All of the components you’ll need to make sure new content is cohesive and consistent to the look and feel of the site. This will include everything from fonts and colors, to information specific to your site, such as formatting for header and body text, the appropriate image sizes for different sections, and other media parameters.

If you don’t have a digital style guide, we recommend you create one – either with your design team or talk to us to learn more.

1.Consistency is key to a strong brand
By ensuring all of your visual elements –  typography, colors, image styles, other branded elements – are the same across all of your various digital channels (social, digital marketing, website), you create a strong, unified brand image at every point of entry. Each instances reinforces the brand and further emphasizes the brand ethos and message to users.

2. Streamlines Updating Content
As we’ve discussed before, it’s incredibly important to consistently update your content to stay relevant. A digital style guide takes the guess work out of updating your content and streamlines the entire process. Instead of guess what size an image should be, trying it out with multiple uploads, you can batch size images ahead of time and upload, for images that looks seamlessly integrated into the site.

3. Share the love – and the workload
Having clear guidelines and templates for your digital content allows for multiple people to create content, without it looking like content that was created by multiple people. By spreading out the workload, you avoid bottlenecks and delays. Plus, you will be able to generate even more content which, in turn, creates an even more vibrant site.

4. Quicker implementation
Knowing exactly what the style of elements for your site allows for an easier and quicker transition between design and development. If you take the time to create and implement a digital style guide at the onset of your project, you will end up saving a significant amount of time every time you create new sections of your site or new digital assets.

Color and font are treated differently in print and digital. To make sure your content always looks its best, make sure you create it using the parameters that are best for its medium.  

6. Adapt to emerging platforms
Your site looks fantastic, so does your app and Facebook. But now you want to get in on the Snapchat game. And soon there will be a new it platform that you need to be on. A digital style guide makes it easier and faster to take advantage of new and emerging platforms and makes sure you don’t loose time designing your look (and get to snapping instead).

7. Spend you time wisely
Having a digital style guide significantly cuts down on the time spent on creating and updating content, as well as the time and resources needed to manage the process. And all the time you save doing this? Use that to focus on the things that really matter to your business.