November Twelfth two thousand

CYAN Status..

So it’s been a while for us all.. so I figure everyone could use an update of where everyone is at..

The blue 1/4 has been working on a robo arm, an iPhone game, barmitzvah videos, a documentary in Russia, a video installation in Mozambique and some interesting experiences at a couple of the higher education facilities in the greater New York City area.  I have some videos and experiences to post.. but I will catch you up with the current.

I just wrapped up a project on a robotic arm that tracks a users location based on video input and whether there individual fingers are clenched or not.  Some videos are below..

The robots name is Luke.  I really pushed to cut open the wrist so i could re-enact the end of empire strikes back, but the other two people in my group told me no.  Oh well.  I have another project in the works.. and lets just say, it’s a follow up to this dealing with the measurement of beta brain waves..

The future is, not only now, but in my control.