CES 2019 Round Up

January 14, 2019

By Adam Scher
It's that time of year when all of us geeks get excited for a glimpse of what our lives will be like in the not so distant future. During the beginning of January companies from around the world unveil the newest gadgets and tech for over 100,000 nerds to interact with at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Held in over 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space throughout all of Las Vegas, tech giants and hopeful startups showcase products ranging from televisions and phones to robots and wearables. As a gadget geek myself, I had the pleasure of attending CES 2019 through my web browser. Honestly, the thought of attending a conference this size has absolutely no appeal—no matter how cool the allure of fancy tech is. I have no desire to navigate crowds, wait in line, and be underwhelmed by a majority kitschy, gimmicky machines. That being said, I did dedicate time to scouring the tech blogs to see what I missed out on. All in all, it was pretty expected: super thin screens, virtual assistants galore, and self-crashing driving cars. However, there was one category that I found myself intrigued by, health. It's the new year and I've personally resolved to make healthier choices, so it only seems fitting that I round up the most intriguing CES finds to make us healthier and happier in 2019.  
The Ledon Oblio Wireless Charging Station
Listen we take our phones out everywhere, bathrooms included. When I stop to think about the amount of filth I‘m carrying around in my pocket, touching constantly and putting up to my face, I get a little grossed out. Our phones are one of the filthiest accessories that use, and I doubt any of us are cleaning them...ever. I came across a charging dock that takes advantage of my iPhones wireless charging while disinfecting the device with UV rays. To think that I could get a juiced up phone and have it be cleaned at the same time is mind-blowing. I’ll admit that the design is slightly alien (I think it looks like the mouth of a creature), but if it keeps the winter colds at bay, I’ll take two!  
The Y-Brush
y brush Somehow brushing my teeth has transformed into a pleasurable experience since I got my quip toothbrush. But I do have to admit that sometimes I rush the process before the 2-minute timer is up. So what if I could cut that time down to 10 seconds flat. The Y-Brush claims to be able to completely clean your mouth in no time with a redesigned gadget that looks more like a mouth guard that a traditional brush. There are tiny nylon bristles that brush all your teeth simultaneously, which makes it efficient and quick. It’s not on the market yet but is available for preorder for $125. It’s definitely more expensive than my quip but is in a similar price point to a fancy Sonicare.  
Larq Water Bottle
One of my biggest changes in 2018 was my commitment to drinking more water. Despite having to pee constantly, I feel better and my skin looks great. In purchasing my water bottle I considered for a split second getting a smart bottle that trackes my h2o intake, but shelling out $50 seemed excessive, so I went with a standard aluminum swell. Now the Larq Water Bottle is a tech gadget that I think actually does something useful (other than holding water). The bottle has UV-C LEDs bulbs inside the cap, which decontaminates 99.9% of germs in the water while simultaneously cleaning the bottle. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t yet gotten in the habit of washing my water bottle frequently, so this may just be the right type of upgrade for me. Germs be gone!  
Impossible Burger 2.0
I’m not really into meat substitutes because I eat a lot of meat, like a lot. But there are claims that the Impossible Burger 2.0 tastes and feels like real beef. If it was in front of me I would try it, and if what they say is true, I may even try it twice. The “meat” is made from soy protein, instead of whey, making it gluten free, lower in fat and zero cholesterol than real beef. Starting next month it will be available in select grocery stores and certain restaurants using the product in their own vegetarian versions of meat dishes. For those vegetarians that are looking to recreate the experience of biting into a juicy burger, this may be the solution for you. Although most of my veggie friends are totally freaked out by the texture of meat, so I’m not entirely sure who's the targeted demo for this item.  
The Bread Bot
Ok, ok, so this goes against the whole New Year's resolution, eating healthy thing, but A BREAD ROBOT! Imagine a world where you could have a fresh baked loaf of bread in about an hour and a half, and literally have to just make the dry mixture. Well, dreams can become a reality. Sure this robot is more appropriate for commercial use, and mixes, kneads, proofs, bakes and cools bread with complete automation. It also stores the bread in a vending machine, so consumers can pick out the specific load they want to buy and devour. The notion of getting to have freshly baked bread whenever I want without having to do anything is music to my ears. But given that everyone around me is on some sort of no-carb January, I’ll wait a few weeks before figuring out how I can convince Chris to let me get one of these for the office.  
  *Special thanks to CoolHunting, CNET, WSJ and Mashable in their solid coverage of the event. Their awesome editors made it possible for me to attend CES 2019 virtually and learn about all the cool things on display!