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Senior Producer / Account

Alexes is senior producer and account manager for CMYK. She started her career in the food industry—working with restaurants, producers, and suppliers on their photography, marketing, and brand strategy.

In 2016, after more than a decade working along side the food and hospitality industry, Alexes made the switch to agency life, joining the team at CMYK. She found her passion leading the video production department, focusing on documentary filmmaking and docu-journalism style story telling. At the same time Alexes began collaborating directly with CMYK clients on interactive projects, discovered a new interest. She continues to enjoy working in video as well as on interactive project, especially those with  unique challenges and complicated functionality.

Alexes graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors degree in economics. Before enrolling at Florida State, she attended Space Camp where she quickly ascended the ranks, assuming the prestigious role of Ground Control Commander where lead her shuttle team Endeavor on several successful space missions. For proof please see the shadow box full of memorabilia hanging in her mother’s living room.

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