June Ninth two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Confusing Hugs, Missing Stairs & A Very Extensive Opinion Of The Beatles’ Songs


How to Know if Someone is Going to Give You a Handshake or a Hug

I’ve been struggling in silence for years.


Tenants Stranded Upstairs After Landlord Removes Stairs

This happened to us at the office, three years ago.  I jumped and got workers comp.



All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

I love a good list… of 213 speculative things.


DENNIS / popcorn 10 / Always & Forever / NHX

Try this on your phone.
If you’re feeling hyper.


Melania Trump as you've definitely never seen her before: Sculptor creates lifelike statue in honor of the First Lady...

Stunning. Love the front yard exhibition space.
”I did Melania in her measurements of 90-60-90,’ he said. ‘People say I really got her characteristics with this sculpture.”