A Manifesto

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Good decisions ARE SAFE.

Good decisions make sense. Good decisions are proven. Good decisions obey conventional wisdom.

bad decisions change everything.

Bad decisions challenge. Bad decisions are innovative. Bad decisions defy conventional wisdom.

So we make good decisions.

We know industry best practices, we understand tried-and-true strategies – but these all need to be questioned, updated, adapted and evolved.

We don’t care what the traditional approaches are.

We care what the best solution is for YOU.





The CMYK Approach.

We Make Things.

We make things – a lot of things – and we pride ourselves in the diversity of what we produce. Operation:CMYK is a Make Tank; we find unique and customized design solutions to solve any problem, leveraging the huge set of tools at our disposal. We get excited by the possibility within each idea, and aim to challenge it, transform it and turn it on its head. We create things that are less conventional and more magical.

What makes us different

We work with our clients – not for them. Its a continual and iterative conversation where we understand what you need and create the best way to get there. Plus, when you work with us, you’re actually working with US - not ten different people responsible for ten different things. We love our clients. Seriously.

Come by, hang out on our rooftop.

Watch some cat videos with us.

You’re part of the CMYK family.

We keep it small.
on purpose.

We have a core team of agents that collaborate with us on all our operations. We scheme and brainstorm together, we inspire each other and buy each other snacks. This is how we produce the best results. When the project demands, we tap into our vast and deep network of specialized operatives to round out the mission. This allows us to put together the perfect team with the best-suited skill sets for each and every operation.

We are

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on an operation or even becoming an agent,
get in touch with us.

We would love to hear from you.